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Certified Translations

Many institutions such as banks, universities, the Home Office, schools, employers etc require that any foreign documents submitted to them are a ‘‘true and accurate translation of the original document’ translated by a competent and qualified translator, who then certifies this is so, providing a means of contact and verification of their credentials as a translator.

Some of the types of documents which we are asked to translated on a regular basis include – wills & probate documents, educational diplomas, insurance no claims bonuses, medical records, marriage, death & divorce certificates and many more. In most cases, a standard translator certified translation is enough, but in some, especially if they are to be submitted to court, they may need a notorised translation, which involves the translator swearing an oath before a notary public.

Use our form to upload a scan of your document and we’ll get back to you with a quote. If you have more than one, simply upload the first and mention in your comments that there are more and we’ll arrange to get them via email.

Please note, that in these times of instant computer translation, some folk are a little inpatient. We have a lot of people asking for last minute translations, but  unfortunately in most circumstances, translations take at least 3 days (more likely more)  as all translated certified translations go out by post along with a signed affidavit by the translator ( Translator certified translation) and in some cases a Notary Public may be required which may add considerably more time.

In addition, as we only work with fully qualified translators who are translating into their native language, some more rarer languages may take longer due to there not being as many qualified translators free at short notice.

* Certain institutions may ask for a document to be notorised or legalised . The costs can more than double if this is the case, so the more information we have the better so as to provide the best service for you. In all cases we advise clients to confirm with the recipient organisation exactly what they need in writing – but we are always willing to help you find the right information if you are a little lost!